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Have you ever stared on your mile-long Read¬≠ing List and where not sure what to read first?‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČI¬†did. That‚Äôs why I¬†devel¬≠oped ¬ĽBook¬≠marx¬ę which lives right in your Safari tool¬≠bar and opens a¬†random item for your each time you click it. There is even a¬†little helper app where you can select any folder of your book¬≠marks to be ran¬≠dom¬≠ized.

Grab it for free on the Mac App Store or dig through the code on GitHub.


Because I don’t con­sider macOS- and iOS-devel­op­ment to be one of my core strenghts I decided to build the intro com­pletely with the help of web-tech­nolo­gies. What you see below is Flick­ity by @metafizzyco ren­dered in a WKWebView.

Icon & Screen­shots

I really focussed on dis­trac­tion-less and clean design for this small exten­sion. The icon clearly points out where it belongs to (Safari) and what it’s for (Ran­dom­iza­tion).

Any thoughts?

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